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Ran across this over at AVSForum and figured I'd spread the news.

I'm pissed as I've always used DVD Decrypter and use a plugin for Meedio that use DVD Decrypter. Guess that's probably going to be discontinued as well.

I'd be surprised if the other copy programs weren't next on the hit list now that the big D is gone.

Damn this kind of stuff is frustrating.

Hello world,

I"ve got some good news and some bad news.Let’s start with the good.... (tumble weed passes by)Ok, and now onto the bad: DVD Decrypter is the last version you"ll ever see.We hoped this day would never come, but it has, and I can promise you, nobody is more gutted about it than I am.

What started as a bit of fun, putting a GUI around some existing code, turned into something that I can only describe as ‘part of me’ – yes, I know that’s sad ;-) As I"ve recently been made aware (by a letter, hand delivered to my door, last Tuesday), due to some law that was changed back in October 2003, circumventing copy protection isn"t allowed.

Ok so it has taken a while (almost 2 years), but eventually "a certain company" has decided they don"t like what I"m doing (circumventing their protection) and have come at me like a pack of wolves. I"ve no choice but to cease everything to do with DVD Decrypter.I realise this is going to be one of those "that sucks - fight them!" kinda things, but at the end of the day, it"s my life and I"m not about to throw it all away (before it has even really started) attempting to fight a battle I can"t possibly win.

If 321 Studios can"t do it with millions, what chance do I have with £50?! As I"m sure most of you have already noticed, the site has been down for a few days. That surprised me as much as the next person (slight breakdown in communication), or I would have issued this statement on it directly.

So anyway, from this point forward, I"m no longer permitted to provide any sort of assistance with anything that helps people infringe the rights of "a certain company".That means, no more emails, no more forum posts, no PM"s, no nothing! END OF STORY.The domain name will be transferred over to the company by the end of the week (9th June, according to the undertakings I have to sign) so don"t email it thinking "Oh, I"ll just ask LIGHTNING UK! for support on this". You"ll not be getting the intended recipient and could be landing yourself in sh1t!

With being the last version, it makes sense for everyone to disable the "check for new versions" feature, as obviously there won"t be any. Of course what I really mean is that you should all stop using the program out of respect for the company’s rights.

Anyone hosting DVD Decrypter is advised to cease doing so immediately. I"ve the feeling they won"t stop with just me. I"m having to contact anyone I know of that is (at the very least, the "mirror" sites), and tell them to stop. Copies of those emails must also be sent to the solicitors so they can check I"m doing everything I"m supposed to. If I don’t, I die.

It is of course down to the owners of those sites to react how they want to. It"s not my job to force you to do anything you don"t want to, I"m just giving you some friendly advice. Maybe it"s just me, but I see this as a bit of an "end of an era". I realise there are other tools, but there"s no telling how much longer they"ll last, and not only that, mine was the oldest! I"ve met loads of great people over the years and I want to take this opportunity to wish them every success for the future - yes DDBT peeps, that includes you lot! : "(I hope you"ve all enjoyed my contribution to the DVD scene and maybe I"ll see ya around sometime.

(Author of the once "Ultimate DVD Ripper", DVD Decrypter)
I just read about it as well (on CDfreak) while reading about how Plextor is threatening the people who write a linux based version of their plextools. This really sucks, I am sure other big ones such as DVDshrink etc. are next.
Yep, That kinda stinks... I don't mind paying for DVD's and CD's but IMO we should be able to convert them to any media type we want. Oh well there will always be loop holes. Stick the DVD in you DVD player and feed the output into a video capture card. Not as conveinent but it works! Seems to me like all this is going to do is create a big circle. If you take away the ability to ripp your own DVD's then people are just going to start ripping them and trading them on p2p services and then they will be bitching about that again also.

As much money as these people are spending trying to track down and stop people from ripping and trading there media its probably not even worth their effort.
Technically you can, and most people will, but it would be illegal. If you are still using this, I recommend you disable the "check for new version" feature since the domain name will be moved as well, so it would be easy for them to find out who is using the product.
I have been looking for that as well, and Sony is the only name I have seen mentioned, but I am not so sure about that one. Guess we will have to wait until the domain has been taken over.
remoteshoppe said:
I'm not familar with this software but it sounds like it had the same capability as this little black box (Sima CT2) I bought for $79?!?!?!
Using software to copy a DVD preserves everything on the DVD - Menus, extra features, etc., but removes the decryption that normally prevents copying.

Using a "black box" if Iunderstand correctly, merely makes an analog copy (DVD is digital, is output [usually] by analog, block box removes macrovision (which messes up the analog signal that would make copies not look good), then you PC or DVDRecord converts the analog signal back into digital format for recording on HDD or DVD media.

So the software has MUCH more capability than the black box.

Once all of these software titles go away, we'll be limited to using the black box, so our copies wil be non-anamorphic, 2-channel copies (which is fine for, say, using the backup in your car or something) but not for most other uses, like putting on PC or other digital video server for use around the house where ypou could actualy make use of an anamorphic video and mutli-channel (DD or DTS) sound.

The good news is that the thousands of DVD titles that have been released thus far should be able to still be backed-up under fair use using copies of Decryptor and similair titles indefineately, if you've alreadydownloaded a copy. It's also likely that you'll be able to backup DVDs you buy in the near future as well. However, eventually some new encryption's going to be placed on DVDs that the existing sofware is not going to be able to break, and since there will be no updates, you won't be able to back it up.

My advice is to download all the DVD backup tools currently available for safekeeping.

Oh, and don't go bootlegging DVD"s that aren't yours! Just back 'em up (ones you own) for legitimate use (extra copy for the car, video Server, and the like).
There will always be software/hardware that will break any protection they come out with. However, that said, I'll miss DVD Decrypter. Another package will pop up in it's place in no time, but in a less centralized distributed fashion.
I understand what you're saying about the digital to analog conversion through the black box, but for my use its not a big issue. I backup DVDs so I don't have to take an original when I travel (for my portable player) or so my 2-year old doesn't destroy the Baby Einstein box set. And I would say that although the result is certainly not as good as the original DVD it still looks MUCH better than a videotape version of the same movie.
There are still some mirror sites with DVD Decrypter still available.

I couldn't find my CD from my original download, so I went looking to make myself a backup CD.

Note to electron or BSR, if this post is out of order now that a ceast and desisit order is in effect, please remove.
According to the site mentioned above, Macrovision is the guilty (at least in my eyes) party that shut down DVD Decrypter.
Doesn't the last version do all you need? It seems that enough people have that version so it will "float" around for years.