Rule to "Speak" while System Messages is Disabled


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So we have had people leave the gate open accidentally and my dog has gotten out.
I got a Honeywell 5816OD on the gate and set it to a non alarm zone.  I want it to play a 800Hz tone whenever the gate is opened and keep playing that tone every 15 seconds until the gate is closed.  I don't want the tone to play if the house is alarmed away.  I also created an output "Gate Chimes" so if I am working in the backyard and need to leave the gate open it won't drive my wife crazy.  This output can be turned off from the keypad.
Everything works great except for me to get "THEN ANNOUNCE Gate (Zn 115)" to work it seems that I have to have global 20 "Say System Messages" enabled.
This seems very verbose.  I might be able to get used to all the messages, but I would prefer to have them off (unless you can convince me otherwise).  But if this global is disabled I can't figure out how to make a sound via rules.
Any ideas?


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Mr. John Galt, Not sure if this helps you exactly, and I can't test all of this on my system right now,but here's an idea.
Rather than disable voice in the global settings, choose to disable non-alarm voice messages via a rule in RP (I do this with the F4 key on my keypads).
Then, you can enable non-alarm voice as necessary via a rule and phantom output as you see fit. e.g. if the gate is open for x minutes and the output to not drive wife crazy is ON, then enable non-alarm voice and trigger the voice output.
When gate closes, or is armed away - 2nd program?, or etc. then disable non-alarm voice.
I don't think there's a way to only have ELK give a single voice notification. I think it's all, alarm only, [or none, based on global setting?]. However, not every event or zone violation, etc. needs to have a voice notification associated with it. So, perhaps when the gate is open you won't also be flooded with a bunch of other system voice announcements.
I can't remember how I've set up to not have all zones give a voice notification, but it's possible... anyway, look into "enable/disable voice" in the rules of RP. Hope that sends you in the right direction.