Running speaker wire with low voltage


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I am in the process of running wire for security, networking, and home audio into our equipment room. They are all going to the same genera location, so is there any problem with running them beside each other and through the same brackets as they travel along the ceiling (unfinished basement)?

I am aware of the problems with AC wiring and low voltage, but wanted to make sure that the speaker cable was not a problem for the low voltage or vice versa.


I have lots of speaker wire running next to other low voltage wires with no problem. I use metal telco D-rings to run my bundles through the basement just the way you are talking about doing.
That is good to hear. I have tried to stay away from all of the AC wiring, going by recomendations I have seen online that say anywhere from 4" to 4'. I do not see how anyone is able to keep them so far away in a real world situation.

Is there any kind of metalic tape or any type of shield I can add to the few sections that are paralleling ac wires for a short distance?
If it is just a few feet, don't worry about it. Especially if it is in your basement where you can address it later IF it turns out to be a problem (which is very unlikely).