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I am seeking advise from the group on updating my systems. The first of which is my Russound CAV 6.6 house audio system. My dual tuner stopped working and I thought that it would be a good time to install some new sources. I am looking at some of the streaming sources. Russound has a Streaming Audio Player (MBX-PRE) but I understand that you need a Russound Tech to unlock it. I have installed a dozen CAV systems but never took the certification course. I do have the Russound installation software but haven't used it in many years. Does anyone have any suggestions for a internet streaming player. I have heard HEOS mentioned. I was really disappointed in the Russound AM/FM tuner so I probably won't replace that.

Any advise would be appreciated. Note- I do have the Russound CAV 6.6, HAI Omni pro2 with snaplink app and both are connected with a serial cable. Homeseer HomeTroller Zee S2 and Alexa are adds to the system that need to be reconnected and programmed due to router replacements.

So any automation advice on any of the systems starting with the Russound sources would be appreciated.

Welcome to the forum Bill. I went to using remote controlled Kodi boxes / Squeezeplayers for my audio sources for the Russound / OmniPro 2 system that I had configured. I mostly play media from my NAS box these days. I was using the Russound for TTS from Homeseer for a long time and just switched to using those little tiny in wall Russound speakers for just Homeseer SAPI speech / sound coming from another amplifier.

I utilized two CAA66's connected to my OmniPro 2 panel. Snaplink worked fine. Lately using OTP (OmniTouchPro) and Homeseer Touch and Home assistant and Squeezeplayer to manage media and automation. I do have audio out from one Amazon Dot and audio out from HS SAPI mixed these days and manage the Alexa devices with Home Assistant Alexa Media player these days.

Old / Free LMS is running on an Ubuntu Server with old / free MythTV.

Russound sources

Here use custom 8" windows remote touchscreens with analogue audio outputs. Moved away from the Russound stuff many many years ago.
I added streaming to a number of Russound clients by adding a Sonos Connect (Now the Port). It is simple to use and install. The downside is - no control of the Sonos through the Russound keypads, You have to select the Sonos input on the Russound then use the phone app to control it.
No complaints from any of my clients.
You can become a certified installer online. It’s been a few years since then, but IIRC I told my ‘distributor’ that I wanted it, and they told Russound. Russound then sent me an email to register. I took the course, and gained access to the software. Did a lot of reading, and eventually switched from Nuvo GC and MPS4 to Sonos Amps. Removed almost all the zone keypads, at this point. I control Sonos from a couple wall mounted iPad Minis, and from phones and Windows PC. Much more expensive than Russound and Nuvo’s replacement platform, but I like to think more robust.