Russound CAV6.6 Replacement Audio / Video


Wanted to see what other users maybe going to as their CAV6.6 units go out for distributed video and audio. Our system is currently a CAV6.6 with six sources and six zones. The complete system is connected to an HAI OmniPro for distributed control along with keypads in the zones.
The new Russound units are only doing audio so we would loose our distributed Video.
All of the cable boxes, blue-ray players, etc. are located in a closet remotely with the CAV6.6 and the HAI box. We do have two (2) CAT5E cables along with the coax run from the closet to each of the TV locations.
I see where Myro controls makes a box to pull out the R-Net signal to integrate a video matrix switcher in so it would work with the Russound system. The part I struggle with is all of the HD video CAT5 video matrix switchers are over $5K which is a out of the range wanted to really spend with everything else in doing the upgrade. Curious what others are doing.
You could still use your CAV6.6 as the video matrix if it still works. If you want to upgrade to HDMI there are inexpensive matrix switchers, but the quality of those really seems to depend on luck. We currently have a 4x4 switcher from Monoprice, and it works but occasionally would "forget" the settings. I am considering to upgrade it to something like this: It has very simple ASCII protocol that can be implemented in HAI via messages.