Russound Color Change Kits (argh!!)


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So the wife agrees several months ago that white is okay with our UNO s2 and s1 keypad, A-KP2 pads and our Compoint Advanced pads.

Having purchased most all of then (12 zones with 6 abus and 18 compoint zones) white is NOT going to work.

They need to be the bone color (almond is too dark). White is just not going to look right with the trim.

So, anyone know the best and most cost effective place to purchase the Russound color change kits?


BTW, for those that recall my many questions about wiring and such, here is a picture of the wiring room before we start organizing.


Just a little over 10K feet of cat5 and 2000ft of speaker wire and about 1500ft of rg6 and about 2000ft of 4 conductor security wire. Will fun to terminate!
Color change kits for the A-KP2's are easy... they come in 4-packs for less than $20.

The UNO (S1 & S2) color change kits aren't in the catalog, but have been available for almost a year now. You need both the insesrt & wall plate which are different part numbers... both together end up being around $12 for each keypad.

I'm not aware of any color change kits available yet for the ComPoint keypads. The plates can be easily changed, but I do'nt think Russound is selling the color change kits for these? You may need to return and exchange the ComPoint keypads to get the Almond color???

If you don't think the company where you purchased the gear can help out, guve me a ring or email on Monday. The UNO color change kits are special order and can take a couple weeks to get... I can check with my Russound rep about the possibilty of getting ComPoint color change kits if you're not able to exchange.

ellisr63 said:
Is it possible to change the color of the display and keypad on the UNO S2 to Blue?
Almost anything is possible, but no option for blue from Russound.

The buttons on an UNO keypad are backlit by surface mount LED's. If you have the skill, you could replace either the green or amber LED's with white or blue units. The LCD may be more difficult, I'm not sure if it uses LED technolgy for the backlight or something else?

You would probably need to replace the entire LCD assembly with a compatible unit in a different color???

As mentioned... if you mask the LCD and IR windows, you can pop off the covers and paint the plastics any color you choose.

I have someone who can change the LEDs for me... just need to get a part number.. but I don't want to do it unless I can easily do the Display also. I was hoping someone might have info as to whether the Display could be modded for blue without swapping it out (it would bereal nice to have it the same color as my Elk keypads.