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I am "playing" with my compoint system prior to install and I have a question.

When a door station rings, should the ring tone be heard over the speakers connected to the room stations?

I hope so and maybe I am missing something. Currently, the room station indicates that the door1 has chimed in, it doesn't play the tone over the speaker.

This seems wrong to me or maybe I have something setup incorrectly.



There's a little knob on the hub that controls the chime volume... try turning it up and see if that does the trick.

I turned that up and it seemed to affect the door speaker volume and not change anything relative to the room speakers.

Do you know if the compoint system uses t568A or 568b wiring?

I cannot find this out in looking at the manuals.

I installed one about a month ago...

It is t568A wiring. (1st wire green-white)

I actually had a hard time with the punch-downs on the door station. Something about their design or my poor skills, but I had to do it a few times before I made a good connection. (I also put a finish nail thru the wire putting door casing molding back on, but that was another issue :D )

Also, not sure here, but I seem to recall needing to cycle the power on central module thing after doing some fiddling around before it worked.

IMHO, better design would be to put a jack on the back door/intercom units rather than the punch downs. Then you could terminate everything with CAT5 connectors and it would be much easier to test the wiring.
english_1969 said:

Do you know if the compoint system uses t568A or 568b wiring?

I cannot find this out in looking at the manuals.

Would it really matter? I'm not familiar with the system so I don't know. But it seems to me that as long as the wiring is consistant, it really doesn't matter what wiring scheme you use.

But I certainly could be wrong...
I'm not familar with the compoint system, but I know some equipment uses punchdown blocks that are A or B, so you have to know in advance. Ex. the leviton media panel that allows 4 lines for voice and 24 termination locations uses 568A, so I used that throughout the house.


Mysterious. I have it wired using 568-A.

I can hear the relays in the keypads click over when I ring the doorbell, but I do not hear the doorbell through the room speakers attached to the keypad.

My wiring is like this:

cat5 from stations to patchpanel. Punched down at patch panel with 568A and then a standard cat5 patch cable from patchpanel to the hub.

I've got the dip switches set and both the doorbell keypad volume turned up and the unit volume turned up.

I have the volume dip switch set to the 50% setting.

I verified the speaker works and the relay works (in line with cav6.6).

Any suggestions as to what to try/confirm next?

Does the intercom work in page mode and room to room? i.e. everything works but the door station?

(I'm thinking about how you have to jumper across one of the speaker outputs if you don't have a pair of speakers wired in)
It doesn't seem to work with anything.

However, I do only have a single speaker connected instead of a pair.


If you look closely at the intercom unit instructions you will see a reference regarding using only one speaker rather than a pair. Since the speaker output of the compoint puts the speakers in series, you apparently need to put a wire across the + and - terminals of the unused speaker output.

hope this helps.

Like Chuck mentioned, you'll need to either connect two speakers or install a jumper wire or 2-watt/8ohm resistor on the unused speaker terminals.

This is on page 18 of the manual and mentions that the resistor should be used if the CAT5 runs are long. Russound is not specific about this, but I'd say that anything over 100ft would be considered long and you should use the resistor.

Wiring for these keypads is T568A if you're running the connections through patch panels or wall jacks. My recomendation would be to wire these (and Russound audio keypads) directly and avoid going through patch panels or wall jacks.


I remember reading that in the manual, but conveniently forgot it.

I got it working! Thanks a bunch .... I should have RTFM again.

The only funny thing is that at some point I did have two speakers connected, however, one of the speaker terminals (old test speakers) wasn't making a good connection.

Oh well.

Case closed.