S video, RGB, DVI, Coax... which one?


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hi guys,

I did some looking on google and found this forum to have quite a few things to say about video cable.

I have a setup where I need a wire that is not too costly but will be run 50 to 100 ft, along with various other wires from a sound board.

Obviously it will need some type of shielding, what type?

I am hoping to be able to project DVD video over the connection on occastion but more regularly it will be simple power point slides.

on one end will be a dual output video card (any reccomendations ati, nvidea or matrox?) on that one?

on the other end will be a low-mid range projector from EIKE (i think)

I don't believe sound will need to be transmitted (we will use a normal audio cable for that)

the man in charge wants to just run a standard VGA cable.... won't that need some type of signal amp? I heard anything beyond 9 feet and you can start to see distortion.

Cost is an issue but its slightly below quality on the list of priorities.

every time I switch the display off (tell the vid card to stop sending data) the projector image flashes before going to the standard blue screen..... any way to avoid that.... its quite distracting and looks unprofessional.

thanks much in advance
oh yea, the resolution from the pc is 1024x 768 at 60hz

not sure if the projector displays interlaced or not.
I am looking for the best cable to do the job without breaking the bank

At this point I seek information only
I think you aren't getting many responses because we don't have enough information...

I would look at all your possible inputs to the projector and determine what the common connection will be. If it's always PCs, or a SVideo, etc - then that is the wire you should use.

As for using a cable that long - most reasonable quality cables will be fairly expensive - but it depends on the quality you desire. You can get reasonably cheap SVideo cables - but their picture quality is... reasonably cheap. If that is fine (can't tell what you are doing with it to know) - then you are done. If you need VGA - you'll have to consult with experts to determine if it will work but I don't think so.

Besides the sources listed, another good site (one I use) is BestBuyCable. Look through these sites until you find something you like. These sites also have a lot of information on them - you can probably answer your questions there...

Another option is video baluns - you wire CAT5 (network cable) from point to point - and then buy adapters that convert the signal into what you need. I have no experience with these - but they are available.

Good luck
I would like to suggest that you buy a compression crimper and make your own cables to the exact length that you want. It will cost you a little bit more than usual to start with but you get the benifit of having the perfect size cable and over time you will need more and more cables and you can simply buy the $1.00 connectors and make cables with F, BNC, or RCA style connectors.

The crimper from my memory is about $70 and a huge spoil of RG6 Quad Sheild cable from homedepot is not that expensive either. Once you have the right tools for the job you will be much more satisfied.

If you dont want to go with the crimper now I would say use RGB style connections if they are available to you with a RG6 quad sheild cable. RG59 works and probably doesnt cost as much but the standard practice is RG6

All this is from memory so please do your own research before taking any of my advice ;)
well as you could guess, I don't know a whole lot about wiring.

here is what I need it to do:

Transmit DVD video from a set top DVD player to a projector
Transmit power point from a PC (located right next to the dvd player) to the same projector.

Distance between is a little over 50 feet.

It will be in a little crawl space next to many many many other wires most of which are for a soundboard which will be in use at the same time as the projector and pc.

Most of the time this will be used to a power point presentation set at 1024x768 @60hz resolution.

The projector has the following inputs: VGA, S video/coax and the Red,white, yellow

I will use whatever input you guys believe will get the job done best.

I do have a cat5 network kit (spool, crimper etc.) but I don't know a whole lot about making the set top dvd player play nice with a PC.

other issues which aren't covered in the topic of the thread:

when the projector cuts the feed or just clicks onto it, the screen, the screen flashes a couple times -- any way to eliminate that?

What brand of video card do you guys believe is the most multi output friendly?
The red/white/yellow is usually composite video with stereo, so it would be useless at 1024x768 resolution (composite video is limited to 3.5MHz bandwidth). S-video quality is better, but varies, and tops out around 10Mhz, but also won't do 1024x768.

1024x786x60Hz would need more than 40MHz bandwidth. The VGA input is your only viable input. Are you sure the projector can do that resolution?
No doubt - VGA. Forget about the rest. Buy a cable, don't build it. Not worth the pain. Mine is about 30 feet and works fantastic. Connect the projector to a decent quality video card on the PC. You will then have a "HTPC (Home theater PC)". Use a TV card input (Hauppauge PVR150 / 250 / 350) for TV recording.
For tons more info, http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/forumdispla...p?s=&forumid=26

Also, forget about the DVD player - use the dvd drive in the HTPC. Or, burn to hard drive (big ones) and play from there (www.dvdshrink.org)

Zoom Player DVD player with WinDVD7 codecs for a software DVD player.

Sell the DVD Player on eBay.