SA CIM not Communicating


Greetings. I recently purchased some UPB devices from ebay at a good price, but I'm having problems with the CIM. This is a UMC-USB-W device. I have it connected directly to my windows computer but UPstart won't recognize it. If I treat it as a "USP CIM (SA)" in Upstart, it fails to connect and says the interface could not be found.

When I pug it in, Windows sets it up as a USB to derial device so I tried treating it like the version with the virtual serial port by selecting "USB PIM (virtual serial port)" on the drop down and hit connect I got the message that:

" Before you can test the connection to the USB interface first select the interface and all settings for that interface type"

in the Serial Connection section, the only choice for serial port is "unused". If I select "find the Serial Interface port" I get the message "Found on port 0. Press the connect button to use this UPB Interface".  When I click the connect button, I get the first message I quoted and down below it says connection in Progress..., But it never connects.

I have done the reset procedure and the light colors I get are backwards from what the instruction sheet calls for.

I'm betting I'm missing something simple, but I donknow what. Any help would be appreciated.


For Windows when utilizine a USB to Serial device you can see the port being utilize in Device manager infomation or properties.
If you do not see the USB to Serial device in Windows Device manager then the Windows OS might not be recognizing the device or the USB to Serial device is broken/non functioning.
IE: you do not have to connect the device to a UPB CIM to see it in the Windows Device manager.  Try it first this way.
When running Upstart utilize the port you saw configured in device manager.


Thanks for the response. I drove myself crazy trying to find out why the COM ports weren't showing up in the Windows 10 device manager. Finally I rebooted the computer with the CIM attached and it seems to be working just fine now. The COM ports still don't show up, but I guess you can't have everything.

I will be slowly implementing my new system. I have noticed that I seem to have a lot of noise on my system, so I'll be looking at troubleshooting that next.

Thanks for the help,