SACD and DTS audio sound quality...


Where's the bass?? What is going on. I have used multiple components all with the same result. Very little bottom end.. I have resorted to setting up a listening mode for DVD/SACD audio only. In this mode I have to peg the sub gain at +12db... This only provides moderate bass. All the high channels sound great. Please advise..

This is the hardware:

B&K AVR507
Denon DVD-2910

Sony 777ES
Denon DVD-2200

All connected via 5channel analog out over 850i cables...

I don't get it.. :)
The only time I have seen something like that happen is if the speaker polarity is reversed.
It is not a phase issue. I have checked that. Have you actually played a SACD or DTS/DVD audio source on your system? I am clearly not the only person having this problem. Some new decks even have compensation for this..
Are you listening to the stereo downmix of the track or the actual Dolby Digital/DTS track?

The stereo mix will push full range to all channels which results in less overall bass. Most pre-amps should decode DD/DTS and route the correct frequencies to their respective channel, lower frequencies going to the sub. You can also try adjusting the crossover setting for each channel. If otherwise, I suggest getting an Outlaw ICBM.
How are you switching all those devices, or are you just connecting one at a time to the 507?

I have the 507 and 777 and have no problem with the bass in my setup. Have you used a sound meter to set up the speakers? What is your crossover set to?

One thing I have noticed when playing SACD through analog is that the volume is lower and needs to be set higher for my listening likes.

Is this problem only when playing SACDs and DVDs encoded with DTS?
What I mean is, is the bass noticeably more powerful when playing DD 5.1 DVDs?

When I first read this about your problem kanipso, I did immediately think of what electron mentioned (wrong polarity), but this would affect all sources.

What subwoofer do you use, is it an active or a passive sub?
Is it connected with an LFE (coax digital) lead or speaker wires?
DVD/SACD is 5.1, meaning you should have 6 interconnect cables. Also make sure that SACD/Dvd 5.1 channel output is enabled on your player. On my yahama dvd changer I had to enable the SACD and maybe the outputs I was using (I dont remember). I know I had to do something though! For my reciever, I had to bypass the dsp's by setting it on the 6 channel input which is a straight passthrough to the amp and speakers.