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Guys I wasn't sure you all had received this sad news so I'll post the entry from the HomeSeer bulletin board.

It is very difficult for me to post this very sad message. I just got email for Don's daughter Lynn that our dear friend passed away.
Don was known here as "kyham" and lived in KY.

I still can't believe this. I met him a few months ago when I was in KY. He was great guy. We all will miss him!
At least I'm glad to hear that he passed away peacefully in his sleep, in time that he was still full of strength and after he finished his beautiful Christmas display.
It is so sad that the house of Jeannie lost his master.

With deepest sorrow

Martin Ruzicka
Yes, I remember Don. I think I even participated in a discussion about the Ocelot with him a while back on a forum. Didn't he have "Jeannie the house that listened" (or something like that) as his tagline?

Did he have a known illness or did this come as a total surprise? Whatever the case, this is sad news. Reminds me of when Jon Armstrong died a year or two ago.

A very large loss. I posted in the HS thread, although HAL would also be appropriate since he was a former HAL user.

Very Sad! I certainly remember Don. He lived an amazing life. I recall reading his BIO not long ago and I was inspired to go start learning about becoming a HAM. He will be missed.
Well, this is doubly sad for me because I did not know that Jon Armstrong passed away. He was very, very helpful with IR codes among other things.

I also found out a while back that Dennis Tremblay (GenevaDude) passed away. He helped Michael McSharry with an alternative Ocelot plug-in for HomeSeer.
I saw this on the HS board last night. It's sad - and although I'd never met Don - i still feel a loss. It makes you realize that this message board "stuff" really is a community.

It also suggests to us all, that we should live for today - and buy that next piece of automation that we've been longing for......
Uh... wow... all VERY familiar names.

Thanks for posting. It makes me sad... and contemplative... and appreciative.

Thanks again for postings.
Steve said:
Yeah, he did alot of cool stuff and will be missed. Here is a cool article about him.
RIP Don...

The article is interesting and I read it before and its amazing what he had in his car in 1959!

I also recall he had the radio tracking device for his car that you could check out on the web and see the position of his car..I first became aware of Don and his site on the HS forums and I'm sure he inspired many.
My condolences to Bob's family as well. After reading the information and how-to articles, I'm deeply saddened to hear about his passing.
We have lost a lot of very active and intelligent HA people over the last couple years. I hope Jeannie lives on in some form or another, would be a nice tribute to Don. RIP