SAI introduces the UPB Pocket Programmer


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SAN DIEGO, CA – November 8, 2005 –, Simply Automated, Incorporated is proud to announce the introduction of a new hand-held UPB Pocket Programmer, Model UPP; a tool for installers and integrators developed by Simply Automated to make the installation of UPB devices even easier.

The UPB Pocket Programmer, Model PP, is small, lightweight, and plugs into any standard outlet with a 6 foot cord. With the Pocket Programmer plugged into the household wiring, the installer/integrator can perform basic configuration functions for any UPB device from any room in the house, including creating “links†and testing the function of each device locally. Once all the devices have been added to the network, their advanced functions and device-specific options can then be accessed and programmed using the UPStart UPB Configuration software available for download at no charge from

The UPB Pocket Programmer will be available January 2006 at $119.95 (MSRP). About Simply Automated, Incorporated Simply Automated manufactures ultra-reliable, easy-to-install, home automation products for retrofit and new construction applications. Our line of reliable UPB-based control modules reduces installation costs and enables customized automation and management of appliances, lighting and other devices in homes and small offices, without the need for additional wiring in the walls. For additional information we invite you to visit Or you can contact us by phone during regular business hours at (800) 630-9234.
The wireless computer interface module was pretty cool. 802.11b to a PDA running the Powerline-Pro software for setup and documentation of the install. I could see where the handheld programmer would come in handy for checking signal strength around the home and for making quick changes.