Samsung One Connect and KanexPro HDMI Extender


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I have a new Samsung 8 Series television that uses the Samsung One Connect system. It does not have any HDMI ports on the television. You make your HDMI connections to the One-Connect box and it connects to the television.
I want to locate the cable box in the closet with the rest of my networking equipment. There are two Cat 5 cables, properly terminated (they've been tested), running from the closet to the television set. I purchased the KanexPro HDMI extender to transmit the HDMI signal from the cable box over CAT 5 to the television set. Unfortunately, all I get is a blue screen on the television set; it is not recognizing the signal from the cable box. I tested the KanexPro with an earlier model Samsung television set with both a cable box and Apple TV and it worked fine.
Does anyone have any experience with the Samsung One-Connect system and HDMI extenders? Do you have a set up that works? Is there a different HDMI extender on the market that works? I see Leviton and LeGrand each sell one. Are these any different than the KanexPro? Or do they use the same technology? I hate to continue to toss good money after bad and buy another brand only to have it not work as well.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you.
I don't have any experience with your particular setup, but I just did an HDMI Extender setup a couple weeks ago - and I ran into problems using longer HDMI cables.  I tried two different converters - one was a balun-style and one was HDBaseT - and neither worked until I replaced both HDMI cables with 1M simple cables (active HDMI rarely works with extenders).
So that's my first suggestion - try the shortest HDMI cables you can, but of good quality.
Thank you for your response. From your first sentence I'm assuming your experience was not with the Samsung One Connect system. The KanexPro HDMI extenders are the HDBaseT style I believe (I don't have them with me at this time so I cannot check them). I purchased the shortest and best HDMI cable that B&H Camera had on their website. I believe they are 1 meter in length. As noted, the system worked with my older Samsung television with both the cable box and my Apple TV. So, in general, and with a non-One Connect system, they work. I wonder if there are HDMI cable available that are less than 1 meter? I could go as short as 1/3 meter if such a cable is available.
I did post my question on the Samsung community forum. Hopefully I'll find some traction there.
Thank you again.
Correct - my suggestion was based on generalized experience.  1m is fine with any equipment I've played with as long as it's not some sort of active connection (1M shouldn't be).  The other thing is EDID synchronization - off the top of my head, some of my extenders have had dip switches or dials that needed to be set correctly.  In some situations, I've seen where an  HDMI splitter that supports clock stretching could be put in the middle to "lock" the EDID and create stability as well.
Thank you for the additional response. I looked over the HDMI extender that I have and could not find where you would set any DIP switches or twist knobs. Samsung has reached out to me. They have requested my model and serial number which I do not have at hand. I should have that information next Tuesday. Hopefully, then, they will be able to help me. Once I get this resolved I will report back here.