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Samsung phone weather app temp can't get all screens to use F


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Have searched the web and haven't found anything that fixes the issue or a place to get help so thought I would try here...
Wife and I each have Samsung J7 phones and both have the same issue.  The weather app has issues with F/C display.  I currently have F set and the app shows temps in F.  I am in the US and want F as the display.  When I click in the app for more detail it goes to weather.com in the browser.  Everything in the browser is in C.  I have gone to the settings on that page and changed to F but it has no effect.  The URL is difficult to see completely but I copied it and pasted it in another document and see that it ends with:
I pasted that into the browser on my PC and got a page with temps in C.
I then changed the c to f and got temps in f.
So it appears the app is calling the browser with the setting of C in the URL even though the app is set to F and displays in F.
I know this is a bit off topic for this forum but hoping for some help with this.  I have tried things other reported to fix similar issues but none work.