Satellite Pre-wire

Just wanted to start off by saying - thanks again for all the great help from this forum.

My new question is how to pre-wire for a satellite dish. My brother new construction house is in the country. No cable lines or FIOS in the area yet. So he will probably resort to DishNetwork or DirectTV for TV. And maybe dial-up, DSL (doubt it is offered in area), or Satellite connection for Internet access.

I am not familiar with satellite setups - as I have always been a Comcast cable customer.

I have read that for most satellites need 4xRG6QS run from the dish to the distribution panel. I have seen the distribution boxes which convert the 4 dish feeds into the homes cable system (

What would be the optimal location to run the wires to (dish location)?

What hardware does the dish comapny provide? dish and distribution box?

Should I run more than 4 coax lines to dish?

How do they handle internet over dish?

I plan to call DirectTV later today and see what I can figure out via their customer service.

Thanks in advance
good luck on calling directv. they suck for stuff like that, LOL. They will tell you to call an installer, can you believe that?

I would run 5 rg6 QUADshield AND bare copper, not steel clad copper center. the newest dish needs four cables, the extra one is for OTA HD (sat may not send HD over sat so you will need them locally, if they are even broadcast). always better to have too many than not enough as who knows what the future will require.

the sat company will provide the dish AND the multiplexer that WILL be required. keep in mind they give you the cheapest stuff available but it does work. most multiplexers they provide will be non-powered so you will get no gain thru your distribution. so run the cable yourself (even though its included in your subscription but difficult to get an installer to do it preconstruction as they dont get paid until AFTER the install of the dish and its up and running). run it to your central can location allowing room for the multiplexer.

figure out how it will go from the can to the tv. will there be dvrs? two cables. matrix? 3 plus audio. blah blah.

seriously, dont waste your time calling any of the sat companies for help on install. you wil beat your head against the wall.

edit: if at all possible AVOID sat internet like the plaque! its HORRIBLE especially for any time or real time quotes and even ebay as the latency issues simply KILL many online purposes. not to mention it is way over priced. when i had it was 600 bucks upfront for equipment plus 59 a month. or 99 a month for first year if you didnt want to pay for equipment. if you must have it, ihave my old system i can sell. dish and all. let me know what you need.
I have a few locations on WildBlue satelite internet and it doesn't seem to bad, I have to remote confiure them with VNC so you can see the latentcy in mouse movements but it really hasn't been bad at all.

They have a bandwidth meter though, all true satelite providers do. Do not get the sat for down and modem for up, thats pretty cheesy.
collin good point, two way sat is a must IF you go sat at all.

glad you has success with sat. i sure didnt nor a couple buddies that had diretv internet. all have cancelled.
We had a remote worker on Sat. Internet, and it was horrible. The IP phone wouldn't work, so we ended up getting her a dedicated line for that. The VPN connection was painfully slow too. We recently switched her to a wireless (WiFi) internet service (she is in the boonies in Idaho), and it is FAR superior. She can now use the IP phone, and the VPN speed is pretty good now.

I agree that you should run 5 RG6QS. You should also find out where your dish will need to be pointed, and loop the cables in the attic near the location that works best.
That kind of leads into my next question of where to run the wires for the dish. Does it get mounted on the side of the house? the roof?

How should the wires be left? hanging outside of the house?
That kind of leads into my next question of where to run the wires for the dish. Does it get mounted on the side of the house? the roof?

How should the wires be left? hanging outside of the house?

Typically, the dish will be mounted to the side of the house. I would loop them in the attic, right next to a single gang box with a waterproof cover on it. This will make it easy for the Sat. installer to penetrate the house, without them messing something up.
point it southEAST and you are sure to get it right. collin is right, dont forget about the trees. or anything else that can block signal from the southeastern sky. (powerlines, poles, towers, etc)
Not sure about southEAST... mine points southWEST. The way I was told to remember is it will point towards Texas :)
Add an extra RG6QS in case you ever add xm radio. I wish I would have. I'll be fishing more cable through the side of the house this weekend.
fishter, intersesting. which sat company? what state you in? dish and directv here even do commercials about southeast. anyhoot, best to ask the sat company! LOL
Multiple birds guys, your provider will give you alignment information.

My new house has 2 DishNet dishs aimed squarely into the trees SW of the house. To do it right on my house there is a ~2'x2' area that will shoot through the tress, this is on the side of the house maybe 10' off the ground. I would suggest you make sure you know more about the system, cause the installer probably won't care.