Saved By PowerHome (Again)


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My 18 replacement Insteon ApplianceLincs for the recall arrived today and I had to run around and swap them all out. Of course they are all linked to multiple switches, keypads, and desktop controllers so manual programming would have taken days to accomplish. Fortunately with PowerHome I just typed in the replacement addresses while watching Eureka and all the reprogramming was accomplished by the end of the show... without me having to leave my chair!

Super program! It really turned a nightmare situation into a piece of cake. I hope the new version gets released soon!
I am dying to get Powerhome up and running to try and solve some Insteon problems. I have a USB Powerlinc on order from the 25% off sale. I think this may be a last ditch effort.

I still have switches that dont turn on and off for every command and Ihave 14 installed in an average size house (2200 sq feet or so) and I still occasionally get tech support telling me to add more to strengthen the mesh. I am actually tired of talking to them since we get nowhere.

I am also still waiting for replacement switch from March. They apparently lost the returned switch. Since I had an RMA number and it was in the computer you would think they would just replace it since its a cheap ICON. Its not like I ever had this problem before and I spent almost $1500 on Insteon (I have switches yet to be installed). No loyalty to customers it seems. No matter how many times I call they say they are "looking into it we will get back to you".

It looks like you got yours within 2 weeks thats not bad at all. Maybe they got their act together.
Actually it was only 1 week. I didn't order the replacements right away because I had to go around and count up how many I needed (and of course I still missed some.)
The recall exchanges in my case also was a fast turn around. I did the Cross-ship method so they shipped the next day and I returned the old ones with the free shipping label in the box. Needs a credit card number only to cover someone not returning the old ones. In my case >$800 worth.
Got a call today asking about my little ID stickers applied. I found that keeping a database or paper with all the 6 digit address is much easier than crawling under things to find the ID.
Customer digger sent a prepaid return fedex label. Was never picked up by FedEx. No tracking available. For satisfaction, a replacement item was sent to customer.

I was away camping and I meant to post here before I left that Smarthome was nice enough to contact me directly regarding the lost return.

I dropped off at FEDEX months ago and I could swear they scanned a barcode but that might have been something else. If the label had a barcode then I am pretty sure that was the return shipment I am remembering.

ANYWAY........... Smarthome contacted me....... because they are monitoring this board and they seemed willing to do the right thing with no hassle. I give Smarthome credit for taking the time to monitor this board. I think that the feedback here will help improve customer relationships.

Kudo's where kudo's is due!

Thank you very much!
Digger said:
I still have switches that dont turn on and off for every command and Ihave 14 installed in an average size house (2200 sq feet or so) and I still occasionally get tech support telling me to add more to strengthen the mesh. I am actually tired of talking to them since we get nowhere.
Digger, I can understand your frustration. In reading your post I did some calculations (as I just added some more , but my system seemed to become stable after the last iteration of switches).

I tallied them up and that was at 19 switches. I think I have 4 signallincs as well as I tried that as part of my issues.

I think I am up to 25 or so (more counting control lincs), and only have a few more prospects (several cannot be replaced with insteon due to wattage on a relay switch for some flourescent lighting in the basement).

Probably not what you wanted to hear but I think prior to that I was at 14 or 15 and was having some issues that were hard to troubleshoot (not going on, some lights going on when they should not have, etc).

On the other hand I will note, I am not automating these heavily yet. A half dozen perhaps controlled by the elk.

Hope this helps.

On the powerlinc, check the version when you get it, mine was too old and I need to swap it out now (frustrating).

I bought a USB Powerlinc and its version 1.6. I just got it and I cant get Powerhome to talk to the Powerlinc (yet). I am sure the powerlinc is fine and that is a software issue. I bought Powerhome a few months ago and I probably accidently did something that doesn't let the software see the hardware. A few hours of headbanging should fix that B)

I need to clean out my home office today since I can no longer work in here. I also want to start setting up an HTPC soon. So I need to redo a few things in my room arrangement.

As far as the Insteon not working well you are ahead of the curve compared to me. I have a bunch more to install when my time permits and see if it helps but I dont think quantity will help that much. I only have 2 RF links not 4 and if your additional didnt help I am not going to spend the money. The lighting was only supposed to be $700 or so and I am double that at least already.

I have a typical Split level for the area (we are only one town away) so its not that big of a house that you would think I need more than 20 devices and 2 RF links to have a decent mesh. It should technically work with 2 RF links and 2 switches. Maybe I just have to much electronics in the house that interfere with the Insteon.
It is just an impression of mine (which I have not tested) but I don't think the signalincs helped much if at all (they did not fix my problem at the time). It was only after I put more switches (I'm associating my experiences and when things went away) that it worked.

I was at a similar point and figured 15 would be more than enough, and while I did not think much of it at the time, when I went a little higher than that my issues seem to have gone away. I had a light or two that would go on even when it was not being automated (which was quite strange).

If you have the switches, I'd try to install them and see if it improves. As I said above, I dont think the RF linc was necessary, the starter kit just seemed to make sense (getting another one) for the lamplincs and control linc. It was real frustrating at the time, so I feel your pain. You can imagine the comments from the wife on lights that turn on when they are not supposed to...

My house is probably on par with yours size wise, and it is an older house.

On the Powerlinc, I called up today and they did not understand and sent me to call tech support tomorrow morning. I must have just gotten old stock (and they must not have seen this much).

I sometimes ask to skip right by Customer Service and go right to Tech support since the people in Customer Service really dont have the background. They are nice people and want to help but they arent given the training I guess. I know where I used to work that was the case.

I hate to install more switches and not solve the problem. I could always return or resell them if thy are never installed so I am trying to solve the problem before I dig any deeper into debit with something that may never work right.

Hmmmmmm how about a guaruntee from Smarthome that if adding switches doesnt solve the problem they will let me return them all???? Just kidding since that is not practical from their standpoint. For all they know I have an electronic device in the house that generates to much noise causing the problems. I may never know.