Scene lighting question


I am in the midst of implementing HA and have some questions on scene lighting. As my main focus is to use a remote (TSU 3000 or Harmony 880) for my lighting and HT, I am looking into X10 and Insteon. If I was to go with x10, I would use the switchlinc 2380's due to their scene capabilities, although what Insteon switch would I use to have the same capabilities? Also, I have a switch in my living room that connects to an outlet that a lamp is on. I want the lamp to be able to output scenes. What would I need to to do this? Would i use a switch transmitter? I would also like to be able to control dimming features from the switch.
The 2476D should work for you. Yes, you can use a dimmer switch to control an outlet that has a lamp plugged into it, although you have to be careful and make sure nobody accidentally plugs a non lamp into it. I have done this, but it might not be up to code, so YMMV.
All the Insteon dimmers support scenes (in Insteon mode). When they are addressed in X10 compatible mode, the lower cost Icon switches don't support scenes.

For the outlet controlled lamp question: That's a problem. In priciple you could put a Insteon (or whatever) switch and control the lamp that way, but you run the risk someday of having someone unplug the lamp from that outlet and plug in something else, which whould then get damaged by the switch (or the switch gets damaged). A cleaner solution would be to use a lamp module that supports scenes, but then you would need to leave the wall switch always on, requiring you to always control the lamp remotely.
Another possibility would be wire the socket as always on, use an Insteon lamp module on the socket and replace the switch with an Insteon (or ICON) dimmer. Link the switch to the lamp module and you're covered against someone plugging an appliance into a dimmer controlled socket. It'll cost you two Insteon devices though.