Screenshots of the Elk Remote Management software


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As some of you know, Elk Products has been working on a touchscreen interface for their M1 product line. They developed a very lightweight client, which can run on any Windows based machine which supports the .NET framework, including some PDA's and Smart Phones. The client is a single exe, uses a TCP connection to connect to the Elk M1 Ethernet interface (or you could use some serial-to-ip port mapping software), and provides you with a real time status of the M1, and gives you full control over every aspect, including your lighting, HVAC, security interface, and even custom settings.

You can run more than 1 client at a time, so you can have touchscreens all over the house, or even better you could monitor/control your home remotely, the possibilities are endless.

The screenshots show the software running on a Dell Axim X50v in VGA mode.


Discussion thread:

You won't find any of this information anywhere else, so feel free to ask any questions you might have in the discussion thread. Elk is planning on releasing the software in the very near future, so stay tuned!