Screwless Wall Plates, UPB Switches, Colors


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I have begun installing Simply Automated UPB switches and had planned to use Cooper's screwless wall plate covers but I'm finding that the mounting tabs for the US1-40 and US2-40 switches are too thick for the wall plate attachment plate to mount flush to the wall and as a consequence when the wall plate screw cover is installed it sticks out about a 1/16" to 3/32" from the wall making for a noticeable flimsy gap behind an installed wall plate.
Does anyone have a recommendation for screwless wall plates to use with the Simply Automated switches?
Also, while I'm at it. Anyone here using the Almond color in their home? If so, which manufacturers Almond color wall plates have you found to match the Simply Automated Almond color rockers the best?
I'm not totally opposed to using exposed screw wall plates if I can't find a suitable screwless wall plate.
I've seen it done where thin gaps around a switch plate are caulked.  A painter who did a previous house did that, and I never even noticed until I went to take off the switch plate....
Here I have had similiar issues with regular plastic wall plates / UPB switches.
I just use a razor blade and cut a bit off the trim inside of the wall plate.
I have found that the Leviton screwed in Nylon unbreakable wall plates are a little deeper and thus more forgiving. Unfortunately they are not made in Almond, but Light Almond and I already ordered/installed nearly a dozen Almond rockers. Light Almond would work but what to do with the nearly dozen rockers (ZS11 and ZS22) I have already used.