Screwless Wall Plates


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I had seen some screwless wall plates with which, I had started to replace the ones with screws around the house. They were a little bit of a pain to install, and they would expose some of the flaws in the wall that were previously covered (since these were not flush and sat on a plate).

I was at someone's house who just had some IR lutron switches installed and I love the lutron ones.

The ones I was originally using was (scroll down to the screwless ones)

In any event, even though the Compli ones are a bit cheaper, the Lutron design is the way to go. Instead of putting a plastic frame below the switch, you screw in a plate as if it was a trim plate and then just snap the real trim plate on top of it.

Hope this helps.
Hmmm, just ordered the COMPFP2 from AO. I think I have an old Lutron in another room so I guess I'll see the difference shortly.
I haven't tried the others, and I have only tried a few of the Leviton ones so far, but this place has the Levitons for the best price I have seen (cheaper than the Lightolier Compli ones from HomeTech listed above). The Levitons do use the two piece scheme, but it has worked for me so far.
That price is real nice, but the picture looks a little different. The ones I got have a full frame and then you snap a second screwless frame on top of it.
My existing one, and I'm not sure of the brand - got in HD or Lowes around 4 years ago has a backplate that mounts like the regular plate then the front snaps on similar to what you describe. The only thing I don't care for too much is there is a small gap all the way around where they snap together. I was hoping for a smooth look, similar to regular Decora plates. Also something narrower since this on is a bit thick.
Steve, I think you are describing the same unit, and you are right about the thickness, and the two sections. However, after seeing both of them, it is the lesser of two evils.

The wife loves the Lutron ones as well, and did not like the space on the compli ones (especially if the wall was not perfect).
I have the Lightolier ones, and they really do show the sloppy cutout work the builder did, so I stopped using them.