SDDRV.SYS - is there only one version?


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About two years ago, I set up a DVR system for my employer using an 8 channel Kodicom card with separate connexant chips for each channel (8 of them appeared in device manager).

A couple of months ago he opened a new business and I installed another system for him, this time using a 16 channel Kodicom card. This one however only had 4 connexant chips on the board and only 4 devices appeared in device manager.

The PC running the new system has gone a bit unstable (crashes every couple of days) and really needs a rebuild, but I can't find the CD for the 16 ch card. I do still have the CD for the old 8 ch card though. They both run exactly the same Diginet software which allows you to choose between 4/8/16 channels on setup, and all references to drivers for Kodicom cards on the internet tell you that you need SDDRV.SYS to drive them and the driver for both of them is indeed called SDDRV.SYS

Can anyone confirm or not that all the Kodicom cards can use the same version of SDDRV.SYS and so I'd be able to use the CD that came with the 8 ch card to rebuild the 16 ch system - I don't want to do it until I can confirm it because I'm afraid that I may never get the 16 ch board to work again!