Security Camera Quality

Hi There,

I just got my security system installed at my home and am wondering if I am getting a good result or not.

Below are two pictures of my camera views at night. The first one is WITH the porch lights on around the home. The second one is with the porch lights OFF.

The place I purchased them at is saying that it is a normal picture, but something is just not looking right to me.

Here are the specs on the cameras:

Optical Technology Base COLOR 1/4" CCD
Picture Elements (Horz x Vert in mm) EIA/NTSC: 542H x 496V - CCIR/PAL: 542H x 586V
Resolution 420 Lines
Housing High Impact IP66 Casing
Minimun Illumination 0Lux
IR Leds 23 High
Video Output 1V p-p, 75 ohms
Power Supply DC12V 350mA
Lens 6mm Fixed Lens
Operating Temperature -10° C to +50° C (w/ Housing)

With porch lights ON:


With the lights OUT.


Please note that two pictures in the first row (middle and right) have a 120 LED IR beam emmiter already showing in the backyard in ADDITION to the 23 leds ALREADY in each dome housing.

Please tell me if I am wrong or correct on this. I need to speak to him later today.

The top three look fine. The bottom 3 all look like the have glare problems on the outter glass. The bottom center camera is a mess =) I can't tell what it is looking at... Perhaps getting that light or object out of its field of view. The last camera's LEDs do not appear to be working... All that brick should be lit up, yet it seems to have some halo effects...

The overall quality of most of them looks ok though.