Security Camera Recorder with Webserver


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This is a little out of my field, but I have been asked to personally install and setup some cameras and a recorder for monitoring a remote site.

Does anyone have any recomendations on a Camera recorder with webserver built in ?

Probably looking to record 4 to 6 Cameras and it has to be a hardware device as required by the customer.

Thanks for any help
I saw a demo of a new Panasonic DVR and cameras yesterday. Really nice system that can be controlled entirely from a web browser. Worth looking into.
4 Chans - Link below is where to buy - $1,355.00

Does he have a computer where he wants thes cameras. If you are trying to keep prices low you may be better off going with a good PC Card and some software. However that leaves the risk of the computer locking up and him not being able to see his video. For a pro install I would certainly go with hardware and you may be able to find a cheap DVR or VCR to hook up to the device above with a multiplexer.

A budget sure would help us determin what you should be looking for.
If I had the money I would buy an Axis 241q four camera video server. (It doesn't include recording capabilities though).

I believe Martin knows of or has recorders also!