Security keypad in attached garage... good or bad idea?


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Elk M1G control. Attached garage is about 40' wide, then up a half-flight of stairs to get into the house, then about six feet to get to the KP2 keypad. I have a couple of M1KPB's that are not being used in the home, so I was thinking about putting them in the garage. Maybe one at the farthest end of the garage, and the other by a walk-thru door from the garage to the outside that will be used often. All doors and windows in the garage, including the overhead doors will have sensors.

Installation and wiring will be pretty easy, and cost isn't an issue since I already have the M1KPB's. So it's no big deal if they end up not being used much, or at all. What I'm wondering is what are the strong reasons to not do this, e.g., increased security exposure.
I do not see an issue. Here in old house with similar sized garage just used one console / keypad / touchscreen by the kitchen door. It was the garage door to the laundry room to the kitchen there. I had alarm sensors on the garage doors, windows and rear aux door. I put an extended time to shut off the alarm and probably should have put a console in the garage.