Security Monitoring of M1 - Canada


Just wondering if anyone out there is using an M1G in Canada and getting it monitored. If so who is doing your monitoring?


There are many M1's in Canada being monitored. Any Central Station operation has the equipment to receive the M1 because it transmits industry standard signals.

Search the internet and you will find many Central Stations that will monitor your system. Since borders are not a limiting factor, you can have it monitored pretty much anywhere in Canada or US.

The new M1XEP Ethernet Module has Internet Monitoring included in the latest software upgrade. It needs to work with an Osborne Hoffman 2000 receiver. You would have to ask the Central Station if they have that receiver capability.
So dumb question, can the M1 with the ethernet port be monitored by phone and ethernet at the same time? So as an example if a burglar cut the phone lines, the monitoring station could still monitor via the ethernet port?

That depends on your ethernet connection. If it is cable you should be fine. But if you have DSL and the line is cut you will lose both phone and ethernet. The only sure method of backup is then cell link.

Are you using ethernet or telco for your monitoring with that company? I think the ELK only works with a Hoffman Osborne Receiver.

Their price certianly seems right. After my insurance break I might be about even.
No, I'm just using the telephone interface. Actually doing it with my Vonage line and works great. I didn't have to buy any extra hardware either.
I have recently installed an M1G in my new house in BC. Don't yet have it centrally monitored, and probably won't since it faithfully calls my cell when the alarm goes off. I've never installed anything like a security system before and was pleasantly suprised at how easy the install and programming was. ELK has done a great job with this system and I wouldn't hesitate to use it again. Only thing is, nobody around here has ever heard of ELK before! Sure would be nice if it became more "mainstream" like DSC.

I learned of the M1G from this site... thanks cocoontech!
flyguy said:
Only thing is, nobody around here has ever heard of ELK before! Sure would be nice if it became more "mainstream" like DSC.
Ask them if they ever heard of "Moose" alarms. The Elk is the successor to a very successful line of Moose alarm products and every old pro has heard of Moose. But from a consumer perspective, it is hard to get the name recognition of DSC, ADT, Brinks, etc. Most consumers have never heard of JDS or HAI or Caddx either.
I have to admit that I never heard of ELK since I was always seeing Napco, Ademco, DCS, DMP, GE etc. Once I saw an ELK and got to experiment with it I ripped out a fairly recently installed system (will remain nameless) and put an M1 in. Even though it wasnt as inexpensive as what I had I am glad I did. You get what you pay for as they say.

Its definitely not as well known or as readily available as other brands and is not really marketed to the consumer yet but I think that day will come. The M1 is not for your average home, although the EZ8 is in my opinion. I think that as more people see the ELK products in friends houses etc they may want to change over the next time there contract expires with their present alarm company etc. Nobody really markets an alarm panel it seems. The CS companies market themselves and offer whatever product they have at the time (ADT, BRINKs Etc dont make their own systems). The ELK units would make excellent retrofit panels for people who want to go to the next level in security or automation.

Anyway I plan on signing up for ethernet monitoring CS in a few weeks. Found one for $ 8.95 a month I want to give a try. Since the ELK emails me anyway even if the CS messes up I will know about anything going on.
Digger said:
Anyway I plan on signing up for ethernet monitoring CS in a few weeks. Found one for $ 8.95 a month I want to give a try.
Who did you find that can do the Ethernet monitoring? says they will do ethernet for $8.95 (if you pay 12 months up front but no contract). I just need to verify that they have the right receiver. I need a few weeks to finish my install and make sure its stable and tehn I will sign up. I figure my insurance discount will cover the cost of the CS.
Just to make sure we are on the same page, NextAlarm has confirmed that they will work with the TCP/IP monitoring of the Elk? Because most of their stuff is simply using VOIP stuff, not true TCP/IP level communication. For example, Martin is using NextAlarm, but with Vonage as a VOIP, not through the XEP.
You can use the telephone either hardwire or VOIP in Contact ID, SIA,or 4+2 Central Station protocols to every central station. In addition to the telephone line or in place of it, you can use the M1XEP Ethernet monitoring using DSL or Cable for a supervised monitoring signal to the Central Station. To use the M1XEP Ethernet Monitoring the Central Station must have a Osborne Hoffman 2000 receiver with a Ethernet Card.

Then of course there is the call a telephone and deliver a voice message capability or numeric pager if there is still such a thing.

There is not much direct marketing to individuals by the manufacturers of security and automation equipment. It is mainly to the professional installers and dealers. The Moose Products Z1100 Security Control family sold over 6.5 million units which does get a bit of attention. Most everyone has seen its keypad and never knew what it was. I was in Hong Kong recently and saw 3 Moose keypads just walking down the street.

FYI: Many of the engineers at ELK came from the engineering team at Moose that developed the Z1100 family.
They have not confirmed yet. I havent called them only emailed them. I am not quite ready so I am not pursueing it yet.

If they have the Osborne Hoffman receiver it should be a cinch. My M1 doesnt like my VOIP modem it seems (neither did my last panel). Besides ethernet blows a DAC out of the water.

I am self installing and playing with it an hour or so a night to "unwind" from a stressful day at the office. I keep telling my wife the M1 is medicenal and she just rolls her eyes. I am constantly making up reasons why we "need it" :lol: Wives just done understand why we need our toys.