Security Sensors visible


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I had a question asked of me today by a friend - not sure how to answer...

His security sensors are visible from the outside. The windows are the crank-out kind (not the slide up/down), and the only place the sensors could be installed are on the frames themselves. However, most of them are visible to someone standing outside (the sensors are inside the house, and all wiring is hidden).

Does this pose a security risk? Or decrease their level of security?

My thought is someone would have to be able to get a magnet close enough to the sensor that it thinks it's "connected" - probably by cutting a hole in the window and reaching in. Would this work? I assume a glass break sensor would not recognize the cutting...

Should he go back and try to conceal his sensors? (not sure its even possible).

IMHO it increases the security, those switches are almost worthless for functionality. I have seen many where an intruder broke an unlocked window. Being able to see the contacts makes it obvious that motions and possibly glass breaks are also present. Basically I feel it renforces the yard sign, as I said they have no function against breaking the glass which is more common then jimming a modern window.
they have no function against breaking the glass which is more common then jimming a modern window.

I agree... A good friend had his house broken into recently and these guys simply kicked down his front door. Broad daylight while the family was out. Took their time, stole TV's, computers, etc... and were long gone when the police FINALLY responded to the alarm.
I agree with the "reinforces the yard sign" opinion. The only exception to this rule might be if the visible sensors appeared to be poor quality or part of a shoddy installation, either of which might boost a thief's confidence enough to bet that there isn't really a functional, reporting security system on the other end of the wire.

If you desperately needed a 'fix', would a magnetic contact emblazoned with Radio Shack, or a window sticker warning you that the home is Protected by X10! really dissuade YOU?

Thanks - good feedback. Personally, I've installed glass breaks thoughout my house so I feel better hearing your comments about breaking in. I'll make sure my friend has them as well.