Security wiring


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In prepping to pre-wire for security among other things, I was thinking about pulling the same wire throughout the house for all the security sensors.

I was going to go with a 4 conductor cable. Can someone suggest the min wire size I should probably use? Would 24AWG solid work?

22 Gauge is the standard for security cable. 24 Gauge is Cat5. I usually use 22/2 for all contacts/sensors and 22/4 for motions and glass breaks.
Some people do use the same cable - I've even seen people use cat5 for contacts, etc or just 22/4 for everything. So it will all work, just what you are comfortable with. I just prefer separating it for the need.
I would also guess that if you are trying to qualify for a discount on your homeowners insurance, etc, they will require a UL approved system. They are pretty particular in what wire they want used. So if you used Cat5 throughout, I don't think it would meet the UL requirements so technically no discount on your homeowners insurance.

I for one would not want to have a claim that was rejected because something in my alarm installation didn't meet industry standards.
They are usually inside the install manual for UL listed alarms, makes it easy. :D

Also as Mike said 22-2 for doors and windows, 22-4 for motions, glass breaks and some smokes. Also you should use 18-2 for the power supply to the alarm. If you just buy your wire from a security shop you'll know it's rated for in wall and all that good stuff. ;)