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In March of this year, we previewed our innovative ThinkEssentials Installer software, the first full-featured diagnostic tool for Z-Wave technology.

The first Z-Wave Certified USB sticks with "advanced setup and diagnostic" capability will be available for beta test in a few weeks, at which time we'll be able to let our beta testers start playing with the software...

We have a limited # of "beta" USB sticks coming in, and a limited # of testing slots. We probably need to limit it to a half dozen or so participants...

When we previewed the Pocket PC (SDIO) edition of the software in March, Cooper Wiring Devices described the software as follows:
"The software works with the card to store security codes and configuration details for multiple homes. An intuitive installer tool feature indicates if and where gaps exist in the network in real time and facilitates the placement of devices to ensure effective connectivity and coverage."

Here are just a few of the features of the software:
* Intuitive, visual map of your Z-Wave network (direct neighbors, # of hops, signal strength and reliability, actual link quality, etc.)
* Ability to set up a central controller (so multiple remotes can add/remove devices) or a backup controller (which can re-create the Primary controller)
* Disaster-recovery features allow you to automatically rebuild and rediscover networks, and backup or restore Z-Wave networks
* Patent-pending multi-home installer technology empowers you to set up multiple homes or large apartment complexes with ease.

The software also includes all the advanced capabilities that the standard ThinkEssentials software enjoys, such as transfering the Primary role to another controller, acting as an Inclusion (proxy Primary) controller, rediscovering your network, easy network setup, etc.

I have attached a photo of the Pocket PC edition we showed off in March--but please note that this beta is for the Windows PC (USB) edition only. We will be opening up the beta for the Pocket PC (SDIO) version in the near future as well.

If you'd like to be involved in the beta (and are located in the continental United States), please e-mail or PM me your e-mail address and a brief overview of your network. We are testing the software in our own test homes (1,000 to 10,000+ sq. ft), and are looking for a # of beta testers with a variety of home setups. Please note that we may ask you to purposefully reset parts of your network and then rebuild it, multiple times. While we anticipate that that will go well, please do not sign up if you can't live with a little experimentation and a few days of things not working quite right--this is after all a "beta" :)

Thank you for your interest,



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Greetings Chris.

Do I need to reapply?

I want to be in on this trial.



Please e-mail me with details of your network. As a customer who has participated actively in betas before, you certainly have priority. If we don't get you in on this beta, I'll make sure we at least get you in on the ThinkEssentials v1.2 beta (which is also starting soon).

I can't even begin to tell you how much work has gone into this product...or how much we appreciate your outside testing to supplement our internal lab and beta home tests...

Thanks Chris,

I'll go around the house and count them again.

Do you need specific numbers (like ZDW100I) or what?

Just curious.


Here's what we'd ideally like to know:
* Approx. size of home, and if devices are spread around home or close together
* # of Z-Wave nodes, broken down by "remotes" and "devices"
* # of battery-operated Z-Wave devices
* Brands of devices used in home (model #'s not important)
* # of Leviton VIZIA RF devices in home, broken down by device

We'll follow-up with any additional questions.

Thanks for your enthusiasm,

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edit added:

That means thank you. I'm running out of way to say thanks for all of the help Chris has given me.
Based on the submissions we received, we just sent out invitations to our first round of private beta testers for this new, exciting product.

For those who were not accepted into the beta, we will be having further beta rounds--possibly including a public beta. We look forward to your participation there, and apologize that we only had a handful of intensive slots available for the first round...

Thank you all for your sumbissions and your participation in this and other beta programs.


Chris Walker
ControlThink LC
[email protected]