Seeking Hardwired Sensor Home Security Solution


Note that I also posted this tread over in the HomeSeer forums as well.

I’m seeking a modern solution for a self-monitoring (with a possible option to go with something like, hardwired (no wireless sensors) security system that has an active HS4 interface (no plugins that are retired or written for HS3 that ‘work’ with HS4) for my nephew’s new home that is currently under construction.

If this quest occurred ten years ago the decision would have been a no-brainer as I would have went with an Elk M1 Gold/Ethernet Interface using a currently developed/supported HomeSeer plugin. I did two installations with this combination in the past with great success. The nice thing about the M1 is it is a decent fit for some home automation applications as well.

I have not kept up with the latest hardware options for security systems, but the options look a bit bleak for my requirements.
  • Honeywell/DSC/Ademco Security Systems – Dated and HS plugins not developed for HS4. Yes, you could get an EnvisaLink board and adapt that to these older systems, but the plugin for that board is natively written for HS3 and this doesn’t seem to be a good solution for a new home build (maybe for a current/older security system retrofit)
  • Concord 4 – A possible solution as a beta plugin for HS4 is available, but I believe the hardware itself is still very dated.
  • Elk M1 Gold – Dated and worried about the M1 being supported in the future as Elk is ‘trying’ to go with a new “E27 Engine” design (though this was supposed to be released over a year ago). Also, the HomeSeer plugin (natively written for HS3) is no longer supported.
  • Ring/SimpliSafe/Abode – Modern hardware but not compatible with wired sensors. I currently have an Abode system in my home and my son’s apartment and really like them (especially the feature of using a PC instead of a phone interface for configuring the system) but again, I’m using wireless sensors for both of these applications.
  • DIY solution using Arduino/Raspberry PI with possible interface with Blade’s Security Plugin for HS4 – I used an Arduino using this security plugin at a former home with marginal success (using HS3 at that time). I also had to use a shield for the hardwired ethernet interface and screw terminal interfaces. This made for a messy hardwired solution as I also needed to use expander (lengthen) pins as well.
  • I also wanted to explore using the GPIO pins on a new HomeTroller PI, but after procuring one found out that the Raspberry PI plugin will not work as the newer HomeTroller’s are a ‘Banana-PI’. Raspberry PI’s are currently out of stock and very hard to find. I would also have the same messy hardwired interface as the Arduino solution. (Note that I did use the GPIO pins on a Raspberry PI for another application for a driveway monitor in the recent past)
  • DIY solution using smartDEN Maxi I/O or other hardware using AK WebIO HomeSeer plugin – I did try using the smartDEN Maxi with a new HomeTroller PI, but the plugin would time out after a day or so. Plugin’s author is seeking a solution (note that the Window’s version did not have this issue). Plus, there aren’t enough I/O channels (for my application) for the hardware supported.
I’ve been searching and monitoring various forums for other solutions but haven’t found any. I even explored using Home Assistant as they do have a supported Elk M1 interface, but I would rather not have to learn another software system (YAML).

Reading articles like this one is also disheartening as it states, “Fully wired security systems are relatively rare”.

So, it seems I continue to ‘seek the Grail’ and if I had to be pushed into a decision today, I would strongly consider a Konnected Alarm Panel Pro 12-Zone with one or two six a zone expander cards. This isn’t a perfect solution, and I would most likely use mcsMQTT to interface with HS4. I also might use Blade’s security plugin but would make a game time decision on that. Plus, there seems to be a native smart-phone interface for these boards as well. It seems I can make this work with other home automation tasks using HomeSeer.

Konnected offers a “professional” monitoring solution using Noonlight, but I haven’t investigated that option.

So, I’m curious what others here would use given this is a brand-new home where all the sensors would be hardwired. I would also like a native keypad interface but can make do with a smart phone or possibly a tablet if required.

I can’t justify going with the costs associated with a ‘true’ certified solution like the Elk M1 offers due to the big question of longevity and support for the future as this is a new home.

Thanks for the read and any further advice! I know others here have asked for similar information and I’m hoping this leads to discussions that will lead to discovering other options or considerations.

Appreciate the dilemma. The Elk M1 is such a solid piece of hardware I expect it will outlast me in this house. I might just install one in a new house and put away a spare board and a keypad or two as insurance for the future. The existing Homeseer plugin works just fine on HS4 even though the developer regards it as a finished work and won't put additional effort into it. I wish Homeseer would take over maintenance of plugins that have been abandoned this way. Developers do move on, and unfortunately die as has happened in a few cases. For the new UDI machine Eisy, an active developer has developed an Elk M1 node server that might be of interest. Then there's HA.....
I have to agree that the ELK M1G is still the best alarm for home automation purposes. It is feature-rich by itself, and has been amazingly reliable with the HS plugin. The relay outputs and internal programming have been very useful for automation independent of HS - ELK is more reliable than HS (on Windows) so I use its schedule for critical things like lighting and motion alerts.

As for the status of the HS plugin, it is a shame that the developer dropped it, but we all move on eventually. However, it still works and ELK is a very popular panel, so I am pretty confident that someone will pick up support if/when something breaks with the current plugin. As @keepersg mentioned, Home Assistant also integrates with ELK, so there is a backup plan.

I have been very impressed with the ELK M1G, so much that I anxiously await their next generation offering, and hope someone writes a plugin for that.
I used to be HS4, but made the decision to move over to Home Assistant.
I'm very much enjoying the integration of my Elk M1G with Home Assistant. It's an actively developed integration, here's the github location -

Integrations documentation -

If HomeSeer 4 is an absolute must, as the others mentioned, the HS3 plug-in continues to work well in HS4. Ultrajones has also offered to sell the plug-in to another that may want to take on the plug-in development. Just no takers at this time.