Premise Seems like a simple thing... AV Receiver as zone amp.

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So I've finally decided to run wire to get IR to the receiver and HTPC in my Living Room/Theater.

I think I'm missing something. I have created a custom device (amp actually since I don't want to include the tuner in msense) and connected the Zone 1 output of the matrix switcher to the correct input on the receiver. All of the IR works. I have switched power on and off (discretely), adjusted volume up and down and switched inputs manually. If I start some media the receiver switches on and all works as expected. The input even switches.

However, when I stop whatever media is playing, the receiver remains on and switched to the previously selected input.

What is the correct Premise way to set this up? Should the receiver be shut off when media is stopped?

Since I have a tuner setup on one of the zone inputs, if that's the last thing we were listening to, when I stop it, the receiver continues on as though it were left on.

Any insight would be appreciated.
I played with this a little bit to remind myself how it works...

I couldn't get it to work using an amp device at all. I ended up using a custom receiver (although I did uncheck the tuner capability).

I connected (in SYS) a sound card to an AudioAccess matrix switcher to my custom receiver to a MediaZone at the home level.

You are right about the power state issue...
The matrix switcher drivers (vaux and audio access) have code that adjusts the powerstate of the zone based on the "CurrentSource" property ("on" when there is a value and "off" when not).

This logic is not present in the custom devices, but you can create it.

1) Add a home-level receiver device to the MediaZone.
2) Bind the home-level receiver to the custom device.
3) Add a property change script for the receiver's "Current Source" property that adjusts the power state property appropriately. e.g.

if sysevent.newVal = nothing then
   this.PowerState = false
   this.PowerState = true
end if

Note: You can make the extra home-level receiver not visible in the web browser by setting its Navigation property to "Hidden".

I don't know if this made it to the actual 2.1 release bits, but I added this functionality natively to generic drivers through the MonitoredPower class. It has (going off of memory here) options for selecting whether the device should power up or not and whether it should try to force it (discrete commands) or not.

I think it only worked through mSense (i.e., when a mediazone attempts to use the receiver as a resource), and not simply when a receiver's input was set to something (for example, outside the context of a mediazone).

Does anyone have 2.1 installed that they could see if this functionality is in there? I think the property was called PowerUpMode or some such.

Thanks Damon and Jim,

I have 2.1 installed and the power state option is there (I have it set to forced). I can get the receiver to turn on and switch to the correct input perfectly, every time. What I can't get working is turning the receiver off when I stop media playback.

So with the Xantech ZPR that I use even when I "stop" the tuner, it continues thru the receiver, since the Xantech doesn't mute on stop. (maybe that's the problem?)

Hope this makes sense.


Which version do you run on your server? Any reasons for staying back on an older build?

Well, I have it working as far as the ON part. I can always get Premise to turn on the receiver and switch to the correct input. It controls the level on the receiver. However, I cannot get it turn turn the unit off or at least kill the input on the switcher when I stop media playback.

What's strange is that with any other zone hooked up to the outputs of my Xantech, the outputs are killed. My power amps are on all of the time. So how come it doesn't do the same thing with the receiver hooked up as an amp? Confusing.