self heating coffee

That is really cool! I don't drink coffee, so it is useless for me, but could lead to self heating soups and other products in the future I'm sure. The possibilities are unlimited really! I would like to see more on the can technology, how its done etc...but that is really neat. I'd buy soups or something like that though.
Your're right Zack, that's HOT!

It is a pretty good idea, but unluckily, like Tim I don't drink coffee or any other hot drinks for that matter.

If they did something the other way round though, like a can that cools the contents, now that would be cool!

Picnics in the summer with self-cooled soft drinks, or a nice cold beer :eek: , that's what I'm talking!
An adapter for bottles would be good too, white wine, champagne...

One day maybe.
they actually have this for cooling too
You sure thay actually have it now? I remember a few years ago when Popular Mechanics (or pop science, or one of those mags) got taken in by a hoax about "self cooling cans". I don't see any reason why it couldn't be done (not that I'm a chemist etc), but I can remember at least two times that such a product announcement turned out to be a hoax. At least the "self-heating" announcement looks like the real thing.