Sending Emails


Hi all

I'm still in the early setup stages of my M1 but was wondering if it was poosible to insert variables into the emails sent out via the M1XEP.

I've read the manual but cant see where thats possible.

I'm trying to get an email message that can notify me what zone caused the alarm.

Is this possible??


This is not currently possible, and it has been requested by many. It does make the current email setup on the M1 very limiting. It is easy to quickly run out of email slots.

The next best option is to setup something like NextAlarm to send the emails and handle the other notifications for you. But I haven't tried it yet. Or move up to other HA software on a PC.
Thanks Wuench for your response.

I was hoping not to introduce a HA PC & software but rely on the M1.

I don't have an M1 so I don't know if this is possible, but if you can get anything info out of it and into a batch file on a PC, you can always use something like BLAT or VBScript to send emails.

I'm trying to avoid adding a PC to the mix. I recently worked out how to send emails to my phone as a SMS and thought this would be a handy alternative than using the Voice Dial capabilities.

I ultimately want to know via mobile when an alarm event occurs and what caused it, looks like i need to look into a GSM modem that interfaces with the M1.

I'm after something similar to thew AnyNet Uplink module that will work in Australia. If my understanding of this unit is correct you need to pay an ongoing service fee to anynet?

Any other suggestions??