Sending strings to serial port 0


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I'm trying to send strings out serial port 0 to my PC which is monitoring all the ELK events and logging them on my hard drive. I want to send a string to have my logger program do some other stuff, so I added the following text string via ELKRP:


So it looks like an elk string - 0A is the lenghth, ZC is the option, and CC is the checksum, followed by a CR-LF. Note, I don't check the checksum, so anything would be legal.

But I'm receiving:


The x00 is the indicator of a hex null character, i.e. a byte of 0. So after my string the ELK is sending a null.

My questions:
Is this by design?
If I program around the NULL, will this work correctly in future versions?

I'm running:
Model Control: M1G
Hardware Version: 0.11
Software Version: 4.4.4
Boot Version: 3.2.2
Voice List Version: 0.8
ELKRP: 1.6.10