Serial Number


Just got my Elk M1 Gold. Where is the serial number? I want to register it and get the RP software to program it. Also, will the phone capabiltiy work with a vonage setup? I dont see why not but I just want to be sure.

The serial number should be on the panel. I vaguely think it was towards the bottom but it has been awhile. Look over the panel, you should find it.

Vonage can be used, and many do so. I think there is a setting you need to make sure is set properly for VOIP (from your VOIP provider) that changes the way tones are generated or something like that. I can't remember the name of that though (which once set allows it to work with any traditional central station from what I understand). Also, since you have vonage you might want to check out:
Serial number is available from 4 places:
On the cardboard box,
At the bottom of the plastic housing around the M1 circuit board,
On the audio amplifier heat sink on the M1 printed circuit board, and
In installer programming, Global 07, menu 43.

The serial number is an 8 digit hexidecimal code.

I used my M1 with Vonage with no problems. I had the M1 setup to transmit central station format Contact ID which is a touchtone format.

The only problem I had with Vonage is the Vonage VOIP modem would lock up and tie up the ethernet which had nothing to do with the M1. Power cycle the Vonage and everything would work for a while. Hopefully the new Vonage systems work better. The one I had was 1 1/2 years old. If I used Skype on my PC the Vonage would lock up immediately. I finally gave up on Vonage due to lack of customer support and went back to Bell South.
Thanks. I guess it is the number with the barcode above it. I was not sure because it had alot of zeroes and seemed more like a product id than a serial number. Would be nice to have a S/N somewhere near it. I will let you know how vonage turns out for me with the Elk. I have only had a few problems, mostly caller id which they fixed through a firmware upgrade to my router. I think Vonage and VOIP will get better it just takes awhile to work out the problems. Since we have cellphones, we barely go over the 500 minutes and 16 bucks a month is great with all the features on Vonage. I wont go back to Ma Bell.

I have not looked at the manual in great detail, but can you do something like ring the phones (internal) when the doorbell rings (doorbell is zone monitored). If this is not possible, has anyone done a setup with a remote wireless speaker that can indicate a status (I know you can do it with wired but I have not seen a Caddx wireless speaker per se)

My vonage works great with the elk. In the office here, we have 6 vonage lines. The vonage line actually connected to the elk in on a box about 2-3 years old.