Serial to Ethernet module

I've asked for the docs; they are not linked on the site.

I've always wondered how plug-and-play these would be.
I've been looking at these modules for a while now. I've seen other things built on the chipset - but they were not imported into the US.

I was really disappointed that Saelig didn't have a link to technical information on that page. If they did, I might have gone ahead and ordered one. As it is, I already have other hardware to do things like this - so I didn't feel I needed to add one more project to the list of things to do.

But, after the documentation is available, I may change my mind ;) .
Two of the other ethernet modules (not serial) Saelig has, NM7010A and NM7010B, have been available from for a while. But at 26 Euros each plus shipping, I haven't gotten around to ordering them. Now that I know Saelig has these, the temptation may be back.
Honestly, I don't know much about the Rabbit products, I just read about them and their serial-to-ethernet modules in EETimes last year.

Converting serial to ethernet usually requires a microcontroller to execute the networking protocols and often provide some kind of HTML/XML server (just like the ELK ethernet adapter card). It also allows you to add a small amount of local firmware for the serial device's protocol (whatever that might be).