Seriously, only 20 User static variables?

There are 64 Ram Variables in the M1, and 20 Custom User Settings stored in EEProm memory that the end user can change and affect the operation of Rules.

The next M1 software upgrade changes the 99 users to 199 users and the 32 nameable outputs to 64 nameable outputs out of the 208 outputs available. This upgrade, version 4.4.2, requires the bootloader to be updated as well as the application code. The bootloader update allowed us to recover several thousand bytes of code space so we can add more toys in the future. Also, ELKRP will have a upgrade for the new M1 code.

And you ask when will the upgrades be available: Beta testing now!
How does someone become a beta tester for the new m1 software? I have mine in testing as I have yet to finish the basement. I will put it into production in a few month. For Now as I run wire and learn what I have to learn, I would be intrested in seeing the new stuff and offering any feedback I can.

Ben :D
Great news Spanky. Are you alluding to more user custom variables? Not in need of more users, 199 seems like too many, though I am sure the use case is there and more common than my need of custom variables.