Server Room environmental monitoring


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I came across this device that I thought might generate some interest. This device allows you to connect multiple sensors, set trigger ranges and transmit alerts and data via e-mail and web page alerts. Has a built in web page which you can demo from the site. I don't have one of these but can think of a bunch of uses for one :huh:
We use something similar for our server rooms at work (SuperGoose):

You could probably do a lot of what it does with an Elk. We use it for multiple temperature sensors, humidity, and air flow monitoring (helps us determine how often the AC runs). We also have a water sensor, and a door contact connected to it. It can send SNMP traps and E-mails, and has web interface for monitoring and configuration. The web interface has some nice historical graphs, and a thin version for smart/PPC phones.

It also has the ability to hook up an IP camera that you can view through the web interface, but we have a network DVR that we use for that part.

It's a pretty nice unit for plug-and-play. It really didn't take hardly any configuration.