Seting up Internet Radio in JRMC


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Well after a long search and some trial and errors I came up with my way of gaining access to the internet radio (Web Media) that is supported in JRMC and be accessable with my Nowplaying Netremote project. The stations are imported into the Media Library and act much like any other one of your CD's. They can be selected, played and paused like any other CD. I will try and give an exmple on how to import a radio station very easily into JRMC. From what I can tell JRMC supports mp3 streams like Shoutcast and others that would normally work with Winamp.

Lets get started...

First go into JRMC's option screen and select File Associations and make sure the Audio Playlist is checked as shown in this screen capture:


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Ok.. now open up the IE and goto

This is just the example I will be using. Any website that lets you click on a link to play a stream will work as well.

Once you get to Shoutcast you can search for a radio genre like new age as show in the screen capture:


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When you click the TUNE IN button you might get a message like the one shown in this screen capture, just choose to 'open' it.


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Once the station is being played by JRMC you select Playingnow from the tree on the left and you will then see the song that is being played in the view on the left. Right click on the song and choose "Import Into Library"

As shown in this screen capture.


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The station will be imported and show up as an 'unassigned artist' so open up the Artist view from the tree as show in this screen capture:


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Right click on the 'unassigned' artist name and choose 'Tag Info' which will toggle the tag information panel on and off. Bring it up if its not already open as show in this screen capture:


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Fill out the tag info fileds. I use the following for my stations (don't mess with the Name field as that will be updated as the station plays the new songs):

Artist: Mystic Radio (this is the name of the station I picked form the Shoutcast webpage)

Album: New Age, Chill & Rock ( this was the description of the station given... sometimes I put in the type of music)

Genre: Radio ( I tag all my stations with this so they can be sorted)

When your done your tags will look like this:


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Ok the next step will take some creativity on your part. You will have to come up with the album cover art yourself. I usually visit the station webpage and try and screen grab some logo from the page and crop what I need.

Once you have the cover art stash it into the JRMC/Media Center/Data/Cover Art directory.

Now from the view on the right side of the screen right click and choose "Image", "Add from File.." and locate the cover art and click ok as show in the screen capture:


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Ok... that does it... you have now just imported a shoutcast mp3 stream into your Media Library. From there it should act like any other CD to choose and play from. It shows up on Nowplaying like this:

Have fun!!!!



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Thanks guys.... BTW these internet radio stations being played by JRMC can be used with the multi-zone options in JRMC. So you can be playing trance in one zone and oldies in another.

How about putting this in one doc and adding it to the How To section? I haven't set up ML or JMRC yet but will be doing that soon (I hope). It is nice to be able to just go to the how to section and print the doc when you are finally ready to implement something and not have to search for it.

Thanks John for the great instructions and screen shots!

Thanks for this tutorial. I used bits of it to get my radio stations set up in Music Lobby as well!

BTW: How much bandwidth do these stations actually use? For instance, what would happen if I left a couple of these stations on all day, every day? (i.e. What kind of bill would I get from my cable company for sucking up more than my allowable useage/bandwidth for my cablemodem service?)

Thanks again,