Setting up an ELK M1 via PC


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Do you have to use the keypad to do the initial setup - naming all the zones, etc or can you use a PC connected through the serial port?

In a related question, is the ethernet port option worthwhile if you don't buy the RP software? Looks like the price of both of these is about $350.
You can, and IMHO should, use ElkRP and a PC to do your setup. ElkRP is free and very easy to use. I don't think I have done any programming via keypad.

The XEP Ethernet expander is a debatable purchase, depending upon your needs and circumstances. But ElkRP is free and you would be kinda crazy not to use it. ElkRM is not free and is another debatable purchase, assuming you already have the XEP.
My mistake - I meant the RM software. It appears to me that if you want to send email - i.e., have rules that result in an email message being sent you need the XEP ethernet addon card, but you don't need the RM software. I'm trying to understand exactly what the benefits of having the card without having the RM software.

Thanks as usual!
The Elk RM software is meant for touch screens, either PC or PDA based. If you are going to run this software, I highly recommend RM, so you can run multiple sessions. The XEP gives you a webbased interface (uses JAVA), email notifications, and you can manage your M1 from anywhere.
electron said:
... and you can manage your M1 from anywhere.
Almost. Several ports that many corporate networks use to block are required for the remote control function.

Still worth the price, IMHO. I can connect to my M1 wireless from my laptop from anywhere in my house. Compare that to my UPB serial interface. I'm really sick of disconnecting it from the M1 before connecting to my laptop each time that I want to do a change.
Well I use to get to my pc at home (or RD over SSH), then control my M1 setup that way. I would never directly port forward these services, that's just a big gamble imo. But it's nice to be able to work with the M1 from anywhere in the house. I have the ElkRP software installed in a virtual machine, making my setup very portable.
I use ELKRP Upload/Download Software from work and the encrypted port on the M1XEP Ethernet Module to remotely reprogram my M1 at home. I then use ELKRM from work to remote control the M1 through the M1XEP. I could use the webpage in the M1XEP but the ELKRM interface is nicer and will do alot more than the webpage in the M1XEP.