Setting up UPB and Elk M1

Hi all I took the plunge and got a upb starter kit. I have the network working thru the pc, but when I connect to the elk serial expander I get nothing. I have set the Network # in Gobal settings and selected serial exp. in the lighting tab. Am I missing something ?

Thanks Ben
did you program each device under the lighting tab? Did you set the serial expander up for UPB lighting control?
Yeah, sounds like the serial expander may not be set for UPB. Did you follow the directions on Page 12 of the M1XSP documentation?

If you have the XSP setup right, and you have the lights setup right in the lighting tab it should work. If not we'll have to do some troubleshooting.
Just went thru it all again! Everything looks right. I can get it to work thru upstart.

All the jumpers look Right. The led is slowing blinking with fast blinks as well. How I read the doc this means the m1 and upb computer interface are talking.

I have reloaded eprom on m1 and sreial expander. Verifyed network ID is correct. even made sure the load was on the same phase.

What would be my next step?

Thanks Guys ben
Does the interface buzz when a rule triggers an UPB device? If this isn't your first serial expander, did you change the ID (by default, they all use 1).
Nope no buzz when connected to elk it does buzz when connected to pc. this is the first expander and it's address is 1.
Well it sounds like the signal is not getting to the CIM which would tell me there is a misconfiguration someplace (XSP or M1), the XSP is bad (unlikely) or the signal is not getting sent to the XSP.

So to start over (sorry about some repetitive basics), the dips S5-S8 are 1101 which is Up (toward top of board), Up, Down (toward RS232 connector), Up. JP3 is RS232 (left). The same network address that is used in UPStart is set in Globals G29-G42.

Ok, as for the lighting - they are defined in Automation > Lighting such that whatever number your UPB device is, it goes next to the corresponding number (ignoring the letter codes). It needs to be in the range 1 - 192 (193 and up are for links). Then you have serial expander, and Dimmer or On/off.

Ok, so the next thing is how are you initiating control? Did you create a rule and are using the test button? Created a rule and then executing it? Running ElkRM or the XEP java client? The easiest thing is probably to just build a rule (whether useful or not) where the whenever is whatever you choose and the THEN put TOGGLE the correct light #. Then save/send to controller and hit the test button.

The CIM should buzz and the light should toggle states.
I got it !!! Thanks for the help. all setting where right. I had a broken wire. Used a new piece and bingo light control.

Thanks for all the help...

Thanks for this thread and forum -- solved my problem since I had not setup the Network Id. My lighting is now working, but I still have a couple of questions.

I don't see the M1XSP in ElkRP -- should I? And if so, where? I got it enrolled, and since the lights turn on/off, it is obviously working.

Second -- Tasks in ElkRP -- do these correspond to the links I set up in UPStart? If not, how do I get a task to control multiple lights?