Setup Different Arduino GPIO pins with different baudrate


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I wanted to use three analog sensors(Pressure, temperature, thermal control flow meters)  which is connected with ADC( and interfacing the sensors with ARDUINO MKR1000 but i wanted all the sensor to communicate with Arduino at different baud-rate is there any I2C hardware required to setup this type of communication or we can directly set the baud-rate of GPIO pins of ARDUINO MKR1000 ?
Your Suggestions would be very helpful 


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If you are talking about a software bit-banging I2C approach, then you can certainly change the clock rate on the fly to achieve three different communication rates.  However, it would be far more practical to use the one hardware I2C port on the MKR1000 for all three I2C Mini-Modules.  I'm assuming three Mini-Modules to obtain different conversion rates.  You really only need one.
You could also just use the MKR1000 ADC!


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( wow, that's an impressive link, thanks )
aside from your baud rate question how are the products from that company?