Severe weather alerts/automation?


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Hey --

So, has anyone else tried to automate based on the weather service's severe weather alerts? (eg: S.A.M.E based-trigger that triggers the lights coming on and voice prompt "tornado" or "severe weather")?

There's one post here that briefly touches on using a weather radio with contact output to trigger a zone alarm.

Any equipment recommendations? Can the response be rules-based (eg: alert for tornados, but email-only for flooding or snow)?

the radios I have seen or used only had a simple contact closure. Therefore you had no idea if it was a test signal, a watch or a warning. Therefore you couldn't do much with rules other than "when possible bad weather, do this".

I think there are some weather radios that now have an RS-232 output, but I haven't looked into them or their protocols. If it was an open, simple protocol, you could probably write some effective rules.

Of course, if you are using a PC with an internet connection, then you have a ton of resources and could do very specific rules.
Not sure if this is the same, but I've written a Weather Warnings macro for PowerHome that announces issued (and filtered) warnings. If I'm not home, I get a text message sent to my phone. I parse the info from