SFF HP PC with 4GB/1TB/3GHz C2D/DVD for $119

Newegg has a refurbished HP SFF PC on sale right now for $120 that looks like a great deal for a HA server/client.
It has 4GB RAM, 1 TB (cheap Deskstar) HDD, Core2Duo 3Ghz Celeron, DVD (some people get lucky and get a DVDRW). It has RGB and DP connections, WAN, but no Wifi.
It includes W7Pro, which can be upgraded to W10Pro. For $119 it is basically like buying W10Pro and getting the PC free, as it appears that you can move W10 upgrade licenses around (at least, I've been able to do it with several onto VMs.)
The comments are almost all 4 or 5 stars, and people say it works well as a HTPC (ymmv).
Here's the link if anyone is looking for a HA box or a cheap Back to School solution.