Shared kodicomm & cqc/file/sagetv server?


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Hey folks. I have a server that's running a bunch of "mission-critical" stuff, wondering if I should add a non-mission critical element to it. I'd normally say "of course not - never mix those two", but this would require creating a whole new box. Cost is low - i already have everything but OS, CPU, & RAM, but that would be the 5th PC i have on 24x7. Wondering how brittle this would make the system.

My server has:
- CQC (most importantly running mzone audio distribution, which is actively used)
- Sage (2 PVR-250 cards, 1 Fusion card)
- 1.5TB file space in 7 HDs
- 8way MOXA com card, to drive all my random equipment
- ATI 9000 Pro card

I just got a Kodicom DVR card, will be adding a few cameras to it. As this is a first deployment, I wouldn't consider it mission-critical at all.

I happen to have an Abit NF7 mobo, a PS, and a dVine3 case. All I need is an OS, cpu, RAM. Figure $200-$300 maximum for all that, so it's not that $$. It's the ongoing energy costs, plus where the heck i'm going to put that massive case.

Thanks for any opinion on the brittleness generated by adding this stuff in.
You can never have enough boxes in this hobby :)

I would put video on its own box simply because it tend to slow everything else on the system way down. I currently only have one box which is the same box that I do everything on including all HA, Video and even chating with you guys and it drives me nuts when I run the video. I certainly plan to add atleast one but possibly two other boxes in the near future.

One box will run CQC and all the HA devices such as the ELK, USB-UIRT, PCI Modem for caller ID and any other HA related stuff. The other will be a video server strictly and the other will probably be the one I am on now used for development purposes. Ohh... And a laptop so i can work from bed when my wife wants me out of the basement :)

If I had it my way I would have atleast 6 or 7 nice boxes but I can't have it my way until I get this expensive wedding out of the way.
Darn. That just raised the price of entry by whatever Intel mobo's go for. I haven't actually bought Intel in years.

Thanks for the reply.

Just to let you know, I have my Kodicom card running on a Asus MB and an AMD chip. I have not had any problems, except the ones I caused ;).

Interesting - thanks very much for that. I think i'll at least try to use my Abit mobo then, as i'm not sure how to explain otherwise to the wife. The kodicom card and Elk M1 both came in the same week, she got the packages first, so i'm already doing a little tap-dance at home to explain that...