Sharing a serial port


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Would an application like THIS allow several different applications to share/access the same serial port?

This is what I would like to do: HAL2000 supports most of the functions of my Honeywell Vista security panel via a serial connection. One fuction that HAL2000 does not have build in support for is controlling Output devices connected to my panel (i.e. relays). HAL2000 does have a generic serial device that I could configure manually to send the proper data to control the relays connected to my panel.

I don't want to have to reprogram all the basic security functions already built into HAL2000 for my panel. I want to use HAL's built in support for these functions, but I want to set up a generic serial device in HAL2000 to handle just the configured relays on my panel.

Would something like the this allow the actual serial port to be controlled through 2 virtual serial ports?