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Every PIR that I have added to my system comes up as "SHort 0.00 Volts" when there is no activity. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong?

Ali Raza
It looks like you're wired to normally closed contacts on the PIRs. If normally closed is all they have, then you need to wire the 2200 ohm resistor in series with the sensor instead of across it.
Yes I do have the NC only....So I take the wire (NC) and connect one end of the wire to the resistor and the other end of the resistor to the sire that goes to the sensor.

So basically the resistor is just a bridge between one wire??

if you have selected normally closed zone definition in the M1, then do not use the EOL resistor. Connect the PIR contacts directly to the M1 Control zone inputs or in series with any other switch or PIR on the same zone. The zone status should show shorted, 0 volts when everything is OK and open, 12-13 volts when the PIR is violated.
That is how I have it...I was just wondering if there was an issue.

I have each sensor using it's own zone. Now I have a question on if I need to add more sensors...where would I plug the power wires. I have more zones on the board than the power +,- contacts.

I use a zone for each sensor.

As long as you don't exceed the total available power draw for the panel, you can just share the power connections for several sensors.