Shorting a one-wire bus?


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I'm looking to put together a python based one-wire application functioning on both linux and windows at the very least.
Since i'm starting from the lowest of the low I am keen to know quite how the various one-wire interfaces (RS-232, USB) behave when all the bus wires are shorted or immersed in water. Can I generate a software exception from suh an event and does the system fail safely? I've has a telescope blow up a PC serial port in the past throu' such a siuation so am keen to do all the damage at the thought design stage.
The 1-Wire adaptors are made to deal with shorted 1-Wire network and will work fine once the short is removed. The only time I have heard of the adaptor taking out the serial port is when a lightning surge hit the adaptor.

There is a way in software to determine if the network is shorted, you can find more information about it in the data sheet

Sorry I didn't look at that one before I linked it. Looks like it has been changed reciently. Take a look page 7 in the data sheet for the DS2480B (which is the chip inside the DS9097U Serial Adaptor).