Should I Drywall the Batcave??


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IGNORE THIS POST! (Unless you guys understand what I wrote lol)
I will post a new one once I get the pictures.

Alright guys,

The wiring is almost done! We only have about 4 or 5 more runs to do and the pre-wire will be complete! HURRAY! I will be posting the wiring progress pics as soon as I get a break from the house.

However, now to my question. Right now, all of the homerun wiring to the batcave (i.e. the homeautomation/server room) is run through 4 mudrings at the top of the room. Since the wire is so thick, it can not come through one hole.

Insulation is going up in the next few days, and I want to make sure I have the wiring run into the room at the best location. Should I have them make a BIG HOLE to run all of the wire through? Should it come down through conduit? The setup is as follows:

Structured wiring Panel on the same wall as the homerun spots
Two 19" racks to house all of the pcs/servers/satellite boxes

What would be your recommendation? Should I drywall the walls? Should I leave them bare? Also remember that this room is its own zone on the hvac system, so it needs some insulation to keep cool.

Thanks guys! Sorry if this post runs around, but my head is spinning with stuff that needs to be done this morning.