Sign up for an AOL screen name without loading AIM


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I use Trillian and I need to sign up for an AOL screen name but I do not want to load AIM. Is this possible? Is there a site to create a screen name without having AIM loaded? TIA
I do not use AOL or AIM but I imagine if you enable the AIM plug-in in Trillian then that would take the place of loading the AIM program. You still need an AOL screen name and I don't know how to get that. I stay as far away from AOL as I can!

Edit: Ok, Go to Trillian Preference, click on plug-ins, enable the AIM/ICQ plug-in then go to Manage Connection and Add a Connection. Choose AIM. On that screen you can either log in or click on the registration button to create an account. Once you have your account and login you should be able to IM via a trillian window.
Excellent and Thanks Steve. I too attempt to stay as far from AOL as I can but I need to chat with someone on AOL. This should do it. Thanks again.
Nothing is ever easy. I sign up for a new account and can use Trillian 3.1 basic to connect. It states:
"Error logging into AIM: The screen name or password you entered is invalid." I can log into AOL mail so I know the information is correct.
Is it a new name or existing one? I went ahead and registered a screen name to try it. There was a confirmation email that needed to be acknowledged. I can log in fine. You can PM me if you want to try to IM me.
Yes it's a new name RuppWorld1 and my password is 8 characters. One user thinks the password may be too long for Trillian.
Well, I am using the same 3.1 build 121 and my pwd is 11 characters so I don't think that's it. When you go to the Trillian Connections > Manage My Connections screen, do you see the account RuppWorld1 via AIM displayed with a login box? Is it in this login box when you click connect you get the error? Did you receive and reply to the confirmation email when you registered the screen name? Maybe you should just register a new name and see what happens, it took me all of 3 minutes to register, get the email and login via Trillian.

Of course by now you probably already talked to this person by phone anyway, hehe.
I'm thinking there was just something wrong with your password. I would be curious for s&g's if you changed it back to 7 or 8 to see what happens.
I changed it back and it didn't work but I tried adding a 1 to it and it works. This is odd but the good thing is I'm up and running (after a whole day). Thanks for your help.