Simple, Inexpensive OmniPro ii IR Transmitter Solution?


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I have an OmniPro ii controller and wish to add a simple, relatively inexpensive IR Transmitter to my system to allow for such simple tasks as setting up scenes such as "Morning Wake Up" that would turn on the (IR-controlled) FM receiver or "Movie Night" which closes the drapes, dims lights and then activates the (IR-controlled) DVD player and TV.  I have looked everywhere, reviewed this forum, Googled, called multiple vendors and no one has a "simple" / "elegant" solution. Most require buying another piece of hardware, or using some obscure programming language (I am an "old dog" and learning new tricks is getting harder...), then adding some form of "learning IR" transmitter after this proposed new piece of hardware.  Also, some of the more popular / older solutions are no longer made and certainly no longer supported. Can anyone assist me here? Thank you in advance.